How Weighbridge Scale Software Revolutionizes the Waste Management and Scrap Metal Industries

For companies in the waste management and scrap metal industries, weight is a critical concern. Not only does it allow companies to track the amount of weight collected, but it also ensures that it is properly routed and disposed of while creating points of differentiation between competitors. Traditionally, these companies have relied on manual spreadsheets and systems to track, collect, and analyze data. However, these outdated practices are giving way to modernization; cloud-based weighbridge scale software.

Even if these companies have invested in software programs to manage business processes, many are utilizing multiple systems to complete tasks. Rather than working in concert with each other, information is collected in Excel spreadsheets, waiting for someone to come along and search through the data for what they're looking for. Not only are these systems inefficient, but they are also usually costly on-premise solutions. Companies are now turning to cloud-based systems that offer superior functionality paired with economical solutions for an industry that often faces low margins.

Understanding the intricacies of the waste management and scrap metal industries, True Cloud ERP meets the needs of these companies by offering WeighPay, a point of sale system for weight-based transactions. Directly integrated with scales, fingerprint scanners, ID scanners, cameras, ATMs, and cash and currency dispensers, WeighPay is also integrated with major financial accounting systems such as NetSuite and QuickBooks.

Information collected through WeighPay is populated in NetSuite, offering users greater efficiency and full control over business operations through a unified system that better helps companies meet compliance requirements. As line items are added to a sales ticket in WeighPay, a master record is held in NetSuite financials which establishes a real-time audit trail. Besides, in transitioning to a cloud-based ERP system, companies can rely on higher security, fewer human errors, and reduced redundancy. With these features combined, commodity-based companies can increase productivity and reduce transaction times for improved efficiency.

Lastly, WeightPay eliminates downtime in the event of power outages. With the mobile app, an employee can use their device out in the field in its offline mode. Even when power is out, the business can continue to run whereas competitors would be forced to close until power is restored.

Weighbridge scale software such as WeighPay by True Cloud ERP makes it possible for waste management and scrap metal companies to efficiently operate while benefiting from numerous features traditional methods don't offer. Combined with the powerful capabilities of NetSuite, companies can confidently manage their day-to-day operations with ease. 

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Sunday, 28 November 2021

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