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True Cloud ERP is excited to announce a new cloud solution with offline mode for the scrap metal recycling industry scheduled to arrive in the 4th quarter of 2021. The new ERP will be a full replacement project for the oldest and most widely used ERP in the metal recycling industry SAI-CRES, owned by AMCS. The new solution is a powerful combination of Oracle NetSuite and True Cloud's WeighPay scale applications. The fact that the largest scrap dealers in the world have not seen a new end-to-end ERP solution in the last 20 years has certainly prevented the industry from responding to market conditions with the same speed and accuracy as their enterprise counterparts. 

True Cloud works with scrap metal recycling companies worldwide that had no other option but to create their own complex excel sheets and other manual solutions that risk data loss while leaving critical data on employee laptops when executives need to make quick decisions in volatile markets.

Almost 70% of CFOs agree that their teams need to leverage operational data to extract business insights more effectively. Far too many companies struggle with data-related issues such as organizing multiple data sources, a lack of collaboration between teams, low data accuracy, and poor data accessibility.

True Cloud developed the ERP solution to meet the complex requirements for the largest publicly traded scrap metal recycling organizations... simultaneously, the solution was modulized and designed to meet the budgets of smaller multi-location scrap dealers.

Stacy Duty, CEO True Cloud ERP


True Cloud is delivering the most advanced pricing and freight engines ever built for the scrap recycling industry. Both engines exceed the complex requirements for the world's largest metal recycling organizations. Our pricing and freight engines provide precision pricing at the scale when factoring the contract, spot, formula, and or board pricing. True Cloud creates an enterprise-ready solution that others have aimed for in the past and painfully failed to deliver.

The real-time Multi-Tier, Cross-Referenced Price Boards, offer a simple-to-use pricing solution to a set of very complex industry requirements. Each Supplier is assigned to a channel and subchannels and connected to a hub location if one exists.  Suppliers can be on a Contract, a Spot Price Quote, a Formula Price, or assigned to Board Pricing. Provisional Pricing can be applied to any of these pricing agreements as needed. 

The use of Enterprise-level Segregation of Duties allows Price Analysts and Price Managers to use workflow approval processes to approve and reject prices as needed. Prices can be adjusted with a mass price update feature, making it fast when updating prices and submitting for approvals. 

When Suppliers are priced out using the Price Boards, we have provided out-of-the-box four price tiers (Base, A, B, C).  This allows each product to have its own tier. Through channels and subchannels, and regional hubs, each location is given its prices dynamically through the cloud. Location-based Price Boards can be cross-referenced to a hub location for regional price management. Each region and or location will have its own base pricing board for peddlers.

True Cloud even went as far as creating an automated mass price update feature with Provisional Pricing.  This protects the company/yard from any unforeseen drop in prices. The Mass Price engine will auto-create a child Adjustment Tickets that are linked to the parent transaction; this creates a new AP or AR bill. There can be any number of child adjustment tickets to a parent ticket; this eliminates the need to edit the original transaction and provides an audit trail. True Clouds also provides an out-of-the-box Bill Netting feature that allows all bills to be netted (consolidated) before payments are applied.

Flexibility was our primary design focus when building our advanced industrial ticketing solution. Our new solution offers a dispatch ticket that will allow pre-scheduled loads to be created and passed to the driver for fulfillment. Any transaction can become a multi-supplier ticket, multi-customer sales fulfillment ticket with multiple haulers per transaction if needed. The system auto-creates an AP or AR bill for each entity on the ticket. We have also added new ticket types for peddlers, inter-yard transfers with internal tickets for regrades, pile-to-pile, and production regrades/blends with recipes, all built on a new average cost inventory solution.

by Jason Riley, VP of Business Development


True Cloud ERP offers a deeply customizable and fully integrated solution using the Oracle NetSuite ERP as the financial platform with our own WeighPay client apps for the business's customer-facing side. True Cloud uses the new SuiteTalk Web Services for real-time communication between the two applications with a custom staging area for transactions allowing NetSuite to remain the "Single Source of Truth," addressing the need for operational security for larger companies. Both WeighPay and NetSuite eliminate version lock, high IT-costs, and disruption upgrades.

  •  True Cloud's in-house team of business analysts, engineers, architects, and software developers come with decades of operational experience in the scrap metal industry. True Cloud also encourages its enterprise customers to play a large role in fine-tuning the functional specification and design elements to guarantee our end-users and their customers get the best experience possible.
  • Our solutions can be accessed anywhere, anytime on any device using the public internet. Both solutions have decades of global experience with a combined customer count of over 24,000 organizations with applications hosted on Oracle servers providing 99.96% uptime with WeighPay offering its own offline mode. Both companies offering global sales and support staff.
  • NetSuite's One World solution provides a unified global business management solution for enterprises that manage multinational and multi-subsidiary operations.
  • The new solution provides an ERP replacement for any member of ISRI and/or companies using the aging ACMS product lines SAI-CRES, Recy, and the Shared Logic Remus product line.


The new solution allows each line item in a transaction to have its own supplier/customer account and inventory direction, thereby creating its own AP or AR bill. The default logic creates an inbound line item with freight factoring across all line items based on the net weight. The same goes for outbound transactions; inventory will decrease, a Packing Slip and BOLs are printed; then, an AR Bill is created with a separate hauler bill for freight charges after the settlement is completed. Suppliers, Haulers, and Customers will all have online portals for claims and settlements.

Flexible enough for the 1% of transactions.

  • The Industrial ticket goes even further to allow an inbound load to increase inventory levels while creating an AR Bill (perfect for charging waste haulers). This allows inventory to be populated and auto-regraded for MRF production and allows for outbound loads like shredder waste to decrease waste inventory levels while creating an AP Bill for the landfill all on the same line item.
  • Gone are the days of separately consolidating AP and AR transactions and creating separate invoices for the same account. True Cloud has built a custom Bill Netting feature that brings together all unpaid AP and AR bills for a single netted payment. This is especially needed when cash advances or loans are paid out to bring in more material, making it simple to net payments against a new purchase transaction at the scale.


Over the last decade, our WeighPay solutions were designed to meet the needs of the smaller to mid-size metal recyclers and landfill transfer stations. Our solutions focused on walk-in suppliers and customers, instantly capturing compliance-based images at scale stations that met scrap metal theft laws.  The WeighPay client apps have a long and strong track-record offering easy-to-use mobile and desktop apps with superfast quick-serve barcode enabled solutions for fisheries, scrap metal recycling centers, waste landfills, transfer stations, oil and gas landfills, and contractor supplier stores with a robust payment and online reporting engine.

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