Top 5 Reasons your #scrapyard should look into True Cloud ERP


Top 5 Reasons your #scrapyard should look into True Cloud ERP
It's the only true cloud-based ERP in the #metalrecycling industry with.....

1. Multi-tiered, cross-referenced price boards with industry-specific channels and subchannels with Contracts, Spot Prices, Formula Prices, Base Board Pricing with 3 additional boards with Provisional Pricing with mass price updates and Freight Pricing at the line item level.

2. One Ticket auto-creates multiple bills with integrated landed costs.

3. Consolidated Billing with AP/AR Netting & Payment Solution at the scale.

4. Multi-stage average cost inventory system with templates for yard transfers, pile-to-pile and, production/blend regrades with standard costing for regrades and group level avg costing.

5. Integrated dispatch and container tracking.

Bonus Reason: B2B Transactions are multi-account, which means you can have as many suppliers, customers, and or haulers on a single scale ticket as a standard feature offering inbound and outbound inventory directional control at the line item level.


Eliminating Version Lock
True Cloud ERP for Landfills and Transfer Stations


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Sunday, 28 November 2021

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