True Cloud ERP aims at replacing SAI, RECY-AMCS, and Shared Logic with its robust and affordable cloud solution.

ATTN: This is our top 20 prospect list for 2021. We are building the industry's first true cloud ERP (with offline mode) to address the needs and wants of the largest scrap metal companies in the US to replace the outdated on-premise solutions like SAI, Recy, and Shared Logic.

True Cloud ERP is a supplier-focused, image-based invoicing, inventory, and payment cloud platform for the global recycling industry.

Top 20 US Ferrous Scrap Processors 

Why NetSuite? 

Before you run out and buy Oracle ERP Cloud, MS365, SAP, or another top-tier ERP, you'll want to know why we passed on all of these and chose the world's #1 cloud ERP instead. Oracle NetSuite already is the business management suite for over 20,000 companies in over 200 countries and is consistently #1 on the Gartner list for top cloud ERPs.

Professional Services 

True Cloud ERP is a licensed Solution Provider for Oracle NetSuite and has assembled an experienced team of scrap and waste recycling IT specialists, business analysts, solution architects, and developers. True Cloud ERP is developing the audits and controls to meet the strict requirements of SOC II compliance.

True Cloud ERP is the combination of Oracle NetSuite and WeighPay Solutions, as both platforms were designed to fit any commodity-based organization's operational needs. The "Commodity Edition" results from thousands of hours of development work creating new modules (SuiteBundles) for Oracle NetSuite and builds on the decade of development work already invested into WeighPay as the industry's 1st cloud-based scale application.

Using NetSuite's SuiteScripting and SuiteBundles, True Cloud ERP was able to create an out-of-the-box configurable solution for any organization that buys and sells a commodity.

 True Cloud ERP Roadmap

We have spent the last 15 years and thousands of hours working with some of the top C-level executives from the top 20 list. We have gathered their detailed requirements (in writing) and used this to create a roadmap to guide us for the next decade as we begin the greatest journey to develop the "Commodity Edition" for any trading company in the world.

Current and future development encompasses the following Built-for-NetSuite Solutions:

  • Core Integration (Wrapper for WeighPay) - Enables real-time transactional and master data integration by utilizing WeighPay's and NetSuite's APIs and core functionalities with robust error-handling and standards-based security combined into one seamless unified cloud solution with offline mode.
  • Advanced Pricing Module - Harnessing WeighPay's out-of-the-box solution for pricing, True Cloud is developing an Advanced Pricing Module within WeighPay. It will allow for much more robust and complex pricing structures within your organization such as channels and subchannels identifying your vendor base, complex pricing tables, and a hierarchy system for Contracts, Market & Formula Pricing, as well as board and base supplier tables.
  • Freight Module - Much like the Pricing Module, the Freight Module utilizes relational database tables, along with WeighPay's freight calculator, to include inbound and outbound freight charges to purchase or sell transactions, allowing a true cost for inventory.
  • Master Agreements - Accessing the Master Agreement that manages Suppliers, Haulers, and Customers contracts in NetSuite pulls the commodities, prices, and freight rates to the inbound or outbound transaction where weights and images are collected and sent back as a fulfillment to the contract.
  • Dispatch & Bin Management Module - The Dispatch & Bin Management Module from True Cloud ERP maximizes productivity, lowers operating costs, and is designed specifically for the waste and recycling industries to provide routing, dispatch, operational functions, account management, and financial and operational reporting in one system.
  • Advanced Trading Module - Using NetSuite's out-of-the-box functionality for brokerage (Drop-Shipments) and modifying it to encompass all aspects of brokerage and trading for the Scrap Metal Industry.
  • Maintenance & Repair Module - Designed with the scrap and waste industry in mind, the True Cloud Maintenance, and Repair Module will keep track of assets, inventoried parts, re-order quantities, preventative maintenance schedules, maintenance history, dashboards, and reports.
  • Advanced Payment Module - Netting payments for AP/AR comes standard and addresses supplier loans and advances. Push-to-Card Payments, Check Writing, Cash Management, Credit Card Processing, ATM, and Consolidated AP and AR Invoicing.
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