True Cloud ERP Customer Success Story: Sunset Recycling

Customer Success: Sunset Recycling, Three Years Later

Since switching from their former ERP provider in November 2017, Sunset Recycling has been incredibly satisfied with its use of True Cloud ERP (formerly With 28 locations, Sunset Recycling is the largest CRV buy-back center in all of California, servicing many areas.

Before adopting True Cloud ERP as their ERP software provider, Sunset Recycling used Recyclaje. However, reliability and the safety of records were a major concern and caused inefficiencies. The company needed an advanced cloud-based system to better fit their needs.

As a customer of True Cloud ERP, Sunset Recycling has been very happy with the support they have received. Throughout their use of the software, many updates have been made to improve it, even at request. "I love all the features it has to allow proper control over your operation," Sunset Recycling said of the software. "This is the best system to use!" One of the company's favorite features is the ability to run reports in multiple ways. Sunset Recycling is also very satisfied with the tech support they receive, cloud speed, and reliability.

To learn more about True Cloud ERP's solutions and services, please contact us. Combined with the power of Oracle NetSuite, True Cloud ERP is the leading cloud business management suite for any commodity-based organization. We are specifically designed with waste management and scrap metal industries in mind, but we are not limited there. We also serve organizations in retail, consulting, energy, financial services, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and more.

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Sunday, 28 November 2021

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