True Cloud ERP Delivers Compliance Solutions for the Scrap Metal Industry

For companies within the scrap metal industry, compliance is essential for businesses to function. With metal theft a problem continually faced by the industry, every US state has implemented laws requiring scrap metal dealers to record information on deals such as seller image, items, vehicles, etc. to reduce the prevalence. It is essential that this information is properly recorded and stored so that companies can easily meet compliance requirements. True Cloud ERP's unified solution simplifies the process of managing this information.

To meet the needs of commodity-based companies across the country, True Cloud ERP developed WeighPay, a software solution that integrates with the powerful capabilities of NetSuite. As a weight-based point of sale solution, WeighPay allows companies in the scrap metal industry to record and manage data needed to maintain compliance with regulatory requirements. True Cloud ERP has worked closely with lawmakers to understand the interpretation and enforcement of laws across the countries to fight against the rampant issue of metal theft.

True Cloud ERP offers hardware modules to improve operational efficiency and securely manage compliance. ID scanners allow companies to scan the barcodes on licenses with accuracy and then capture images of the ID to store with ticket information to identify scrap metal buyers and sellers. Document scanners allow for companies to easily attach documents to customer files or tickets for easy retrieval and compliance reporting. Plus, True Cloud ERP software enables companies to easily capture images of the scale for a complete audit trail of transactions that include time and date stamps, weight, product, and users.

Companies in the waste management and scrap metal industries can also easily cooperate with law enforcement throughout their investigations of scrap metal theft. With ID and images captured of transactions, companies have detailed information to provide if needed. True Cloud ERP hardware integrations for fingerprint scanners collect fingerprints of buyers and sellers, which can be used by law enforcement when necessary as well. During an investigation, law enforcement officers can also be provided log-in credentials to access transaction data without disrupting the daily flow of business.

The powerful solutions for the scrap metal industry designed by True Cloud ERP integrate seamlessly into the NetSuite environment for a wide range of business tools for efficient operations. With True Cloud ERP, companies are empowered with the ability to meet compliance requirements more easily, with complete audit trails and detailed information recorded throughout transactions.

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Sunday, 28 November 2021

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