True Cloud ERP for Landfills and Transfer Stations

Commodity-based businesses require dedicated solutions to meet their complex needs, landfills and transfer stations are no exceptions. As technology continues to evolve, more and more of these needs can be filled through cloud-based applications that allow for data to be managed anywhere, from any device. True Cloud ERP's software solutions have been designed with the waste management and recycling industries in mind, taking into account the complexities of dealing with in and outbound materials.

For landfills and transfer stations, incoming and outgoing materials need to be managed closely. With legacy applications bound to on-premise servers that often have out-dated software, latency and delays are inefficient and costly when things must be managed accurately as transactions occur. With True Cloud ERP, WeighPay modules integrate seamlessly with Oracle NetSuite, allowing commodities to be weighed anywhere, any time, even when devices are offline. Transactions are captured with scale data and detailed images, which are more valuable than written accounts of materials brought into the landfill and transfer stations.

The software can be connected to credit card terminals or cash and coins dispensers, especially useful for facilities that deal with payments for recyclable cans or bottles and batteries or additional charges for irregular items like mattresses and appliances. Image-enabled transactions allow companies to keep detailed records of the business they conduct, leaving them with a complete audit trail. Plus, True Cloud ERP connects seamlessly with scale technologies to add accurate weight data to each transaction.

To learn more about True Cloud ERP's solutions and services, please contact us. Combined with the power of Oracle NetSuite, True Cloud ERP is the leading cloud business management suite for any commodity-based organization. We are specifically designed with waste management and scrap metal industries in mind, but we are not limited there. We also serve organizations in retail, consulting, energy, financial services, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. 

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Sunday, 28 November 2021

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