Compliance Made Easy

checkmarkIt's all in the GREEN CHECKMARK = Compliance Confirmation.

True Cloud understands the importance of adhering to compliance and business codes and spends an enormous amount of time working with lawmakers to help to interpret the law and how it will be enforced to ensure your local code enforcement officers get the automated output and reports to meet the letter of the law—nothing more and nothing less.

For scrap metal theft compliance, see the state links at the bottom of this page to see your local laws.

Compliance logic was designed and developed to meet the stringent demands of the laws. Optional settings allow the rules for adhering to compliance were built into the client apps guaranteeing that compliance is met or exceeded. Our compliance guarantee is simple, give us 30 days advance written notice of compliance changes for your locations, and we will implement them into your system. 

OnScreen Compliance Validation

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True Cloud offers Hardware Modules that include software integration. Using the SDK (software development kit) from the manufacturer, many of the modules listed below are natively built into our applications, making a possible plug-in-play connection. 

True Cloud maintains the SDK and continues to invest in Research and Development (R&D) for the latest military-grade spec hardware available to ensure a great RIO on each component. This includes our latest partnership with Samsung and their line of Active tablets and their native integrated Knox Security.


Compliance Feature List

 Easily Manage Regulated Materials  Automatic Compliance Uploads
 Driver's License Images  Stamped Images of Materials
 Real-time Images of the Seller  Signature Capture
 Thumbprints  Vehicle Image, Plate & Info
 Canada Compliance  Police Reports
 NMVTIS Reporting, VIN lookup  Delay Payments
 Printed Vouchers  Positive Pay
 Check Payments  CRV Compliance
Automated Do Not Buy (DNB) CRV DR6 / DR14 Reporting
Businesses Excluded From Compliance Texas DPS, Ohio DPS, Leads Online, BWI/RAPID
Volusia FL, Florida Metal Theft Form, Alabama CA-CEW, CA-LAPD Report, New Mexico Report


Tracking suppliers, equipment, and inventory for compliance reporting purposes: Collecting fast, accurate data is guaranteed to speed up your operations and provides a secure method for staying in compliance. Knowing where your devices are or how much product you have in stock are two ways IoT devices are being heavily utilized in today’s business environment. This isn’t just about logging locations or several units – it’s about real-time tracking to enable agility and responsiveness. This is particularly crucial in metal recycling when providing our customers with real-time inventory information for in-yard sorting and regrading.

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Introducing the Galaxy Tab Active Pro, a rugged tablet designed to stand up to real-world challenges and maximize your team's productivity

We only recommend Samsung Smartphones and Tablets

Samsung Knox

Many Samsung phones, tablets, and wearables are designed with the Knox platform built into their architecture. This military-grade mobile security platform safeguards more than 1 billion Samsung consumer and business devices.

Offering multi-layered security, it defends your most sensitive information from malware and malicious threats.

Defense-grade security for an open world. See why we chose Samsung devices with Knox.

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State Metal Theft Laws

 Alabama  Florida  Kentucky  Missouri  North Carolina  South Carolina Washington, D.C. 
 Alaska  Georgia  Louisiana  Montana  North Dakota  South Dakota  West Virginia
 Arizona  Hawaii  Maine  Nebraska  Ohio  Tennessee  Wisconsin
 Arkansas  Idaho  Maryland  Nevada  Oklahoma  Texas  Wyoming
 California  Illinois  Massachusetts  New Hampshire  Oregon  Utah  
 Colorado  Indiana  Michigan  New Jersey  Pennsylvania  Vermont  
 Connecticut  Iowa  Minnesota  New Mexico  Rhode Island  Virginia  
 Delaware  Kansas  Mississippi  New York  South Carolina  Washington  




Quickly scanning and ID is now 100% accurate when scanning the 2D barcode on the back of the driver's license and then capturing the image using the onboard cameras on a Samsung mobile device. We offer OCR ID Scanners too, they are just not as accurate as scanning the barcode.


Attaching documents to tickets or customer files is as simple as taking a photo or using a document scanner. This auto files the document to the ticket for easy retrieval and allows for compliance reporting.


Using IP cameras that are properly placed at your scales allows our solution to instantly capture images that are time/date/weight/product/user stamped for a true audit trail. The picture tells the entire story. Our images are stored with your ticket data and can be instantly retrieved when viewing the ticket.


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Gathering signatures from suppliers, drivers, and customers is normally collected using the WeighPay mobile application in person. We do offer the use of electronic signature pads for desktop workstations.


Paying suppliers using an ATM cash dispenser is common practice in our metal recycling vertical. Using 4 to 6 cassette machines, touch screens, cameras, e-signatures are part of our ATM module software that is connected to your ticket database and posts as ATM payout in Oracle NetSuite payment types.



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